I'm Irina. Everyone has a dream that they want to achieve it. At first, I was planning to become a teacher, but I decided to become a business owner. I am an experienced and well-informed salesperson - florist, I offer helpful advice regarding the cultivation and care of store-bought plants.

 I will pay close attention to the design and quality of the products as well as branding as packaging.

 But to translate the idea into reality, I require assistance from the financial aspect. After all, to open a business will need the first capital, legal assistance, advice from successful entrepreneurs. That's why I found the service https://carfinance.ru/, which collected the best companies for leasing.

 Leasing can be connected to IE with negative aspects but the benefits that are available in many instances outweigh. So, the disadvantage of leasing the assets of an IE is that the lessor may terminate the contract with the IE without returning the funds previously received by the entrepreneur. This is only possible if the IE does not comply with one of the conditions or requirements of the contract. Additionally, the terms of leasing an item, as set by the lender, may not meet the requirements of IE. For example in the case of leasing a car, the lessor can set in the lease contract a limitation of the maximum annual mileage while the entrepreneur needed the car as a cab.

 The down payment typically ranges between 10-40% depending on the kind of PPE and the company. It is possible to use this method in a sole proprietorship, but it is not always very concrete.

 Leasing property is automatically insured at the recipient's expense. This can cause significant expenses for the IE particularly if the property is expensive products. The lessee is also responsible for facility maintenance including repairs and inspections.

 Until the final settlement of financial lease, the title to the object belongs to the lessor and the individual entrepreneur is not able to transfer these fixed assets to another person in the event of a need.

 The lease is not credit, however, the borrower must pay the same or more price as the object's original purchase.