As in previous years, at the end of November and December is a period of shopping spree, people will rush to buy what they need before the holidays.

The most representative among them is the infamous Black Friday. On this day, all types of industries and various products will enter the ranks of discounts and discounts. Among them, the virtual field of EA Sports’s FIFA franchise not excluded.

The most popular football video game in the world has joined this shopping spree since FIFA 14. So what new FIFA Ultimate Team players were released on Black Friday?

Every time there will be a Best Of Team released around Black Friday every year. Generally speaking, they are the players with the highest ratings and good form in each position this season.

Lionel Messi, Robert Lewandowski, Sadio Mane and N'Golo Kante appeared in last year's best team. In addition, many record-breaking players appeared in the FUT Black Friday push last season, including Kylian Mbappe with a rating of 91, Jadon Sancho with a rating of 88, and Sergio Aguero with a rating of 87.

And similar new players will appear in FIFA 22, which is FIFA 22 Coins very much to look forward to.

In addition, will the FIFA 22 transfer market collapse?

Although players wanted to sell their teams at the highest price in the past, the FIFA 22 transfer market collapsed on Black Friday, but we still don't know if it will collapse this year.

On Black Friday, there will be a lot of discount packs for sale, so this day there will be more gift packs open than usual, so more players will be sold in the market, which will result in a significant drop in player prices. But in recent years, people  FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Coins have started to do this a few weeks before the event, so the price will not be so demanding.

But the collapse of the Black Friday transfer market is insignificant compared to those that occurred before the team of the year in early January, because a large number of packages containing 99-rated players were opened.

On Black Friday, there are a lot of player gift packs in a preferential state, so players will be able to get a huge reward if they buy on this day. However, some players have not accumulated enough FIFA Coins before the event, but you don’t need to worry, you can buy directly at UTnice, where there are plenty of FIFA Coins to provide, and the price is favorable. If you place an order on Black Friday, you It can save even more money.