Many people who choose to learn a trade in the UK opt to become bricklayers, and here at YTA, we can’t say we are greatly surprised by this. There will, after all, almost certainly always be considerable demand for bricklayers. We expect that to be very much the case in the years following COVID-19, as the UK economy revs up again. 

 Experienced bricklayers can rise to positions like construction site supervisor, and even start their own business, with the possibility of earning as much as £42,000 a year. 

 Introducing the sought-after EWPA 

 This brings us neatly onto something about our own expertise here at YTA. We do not solely cater to those who are only just getting started in bricklaying, but can also help those with existing bricklaying experience to upgrade their qualifications and gain access to site work. 

 This much is made possible by the Experienced Worker Practical Assessment (EWPA) route. As the name suggests, this isn’t a training course, but instead takes the form of an assessment of the skills and knowledge you already have. 

 The bricklaying EWPA is a fast-track NVQ assessment route for those who already have five years’ bricklaying experience, so is unsuitable for those who are only looking to learn a trade in the UK for the first time. If the latter describes you, we urge you to take a look at our one-day, five-day and 10-day bricklaying courses

 You can complete the EWPA in just a day at our Yorkshire construction training centre, and if you satisfy the requirements, you will be awarded the Cskills Awards Bricklaying NVQ Level 2 Diploma in Trowel Occupations (Construction) QUA813. 

 This would naturally be an excellent qualification to obtain to bolster your employability. But it is also the qualification needed in order to secure the blue skilled CSCS card required for on-site bricklaying work – so the EWPA makes sense on a number of levels. 

 If you know your stuff when it comes to bricklaying, demonstrate that to us! 

 The bricklaying NVQ Level 2 comprises five mandatory units covering such aspects of this trade as efficient work practices and general workplace safety, as well as a series of optional units, with the person being assessed able to choose one of these. 

 It is important to make sure you have the necessary knowledge and experience in these units before you commit to taking on the EWPA. That’s why the first stage of the process will be contacting us first, so that we can set out what is involved and arrange a ‘skills scan’. This will allow you and our NVQ assessor to determine whether it is worth your while to book the EWPA. 

And if we do decide together that booking the EWPA is the best route forward, well… it’s time to get prepared. Take a look at our page dedicated to the bricklaying EWPA today for more information about this in-demand assessment pathway, before potentially getting in touch with us directly to discuss your circumstances, needs and aspirations as a bricklayer, and how we can help.