In Final Fantasy XIV, players can play MMORPG at their own pace. But for Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker, people may be looking for an easy way to enter it, especially for players with a lot of spare money and little extra time. So, let's take a look at its cost and the price people have to pay to get ready for FFXIV Endwalker right away.

The first is the obvious FFXIV Gil. If the player does not have Final Fantasy XIV, they need to pay $19.99 for the base game. Secondly, players also need to buy Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker, the price of its standard version is 39.99 US dollars. This also provides players with Heavensward, Stormblood and Shadowbringers expansion packs. Booking it will allow players to visit on December 3, 2021. Therefore, for games and expansions only, players will pay $49.98.

Once the player owns the game, additional costs will appear, and the player needs to pay more to immediately prepare for the content. This means two things. The preparation is actually the lower cost of the two elements. A hero's journey project, each $25, allows players to complete a task immediately to level 70. They will get its soul crystal, all its actions, Scaevan equipment and weapons, a set of accessories, and items with a total price of 500,000 Final Fantasy XIV Gil.

If the player has been tracking, the cost of the game, expansion, and promotion of a job to level 70 will be $74.98. This involves another adventure story purchase, and since there may be three purchases at the moment, it is later more expensive. The price may also increase because the current cost only considers the base game and two expansion packs, and Shadowbringers may not be able to purchase it until FFXIV Endwalker comes out. In addition, players are better to buy FFXIV Gil in advance.