A hydraulic breaker tool is a substantial purchase for various companies. Companies that make an investment in hydraulic breakers are doing that because they require this vital piece of equipment to get their job done. 

The hammer itself does much of the work. Nonetheless, many people that buy this valuable working tool will also buy single or more accessories to go along with their hydraulic hammer or babcat tools

Here are a few things to consider: 

1.    Hammer stand: Hydraulic hammers should be stored when they are not in use. Many people select to buy a storage stand from a hydraulic breaker tools manufacturer. This stand enables them to store their hammer in the upright position to protect the internal piston from damage. This is surely a smart accessory to purchase as it makes your hammer last much longer!

2.    Auto greaser: An auto greaser is a tool that does precisely what its name suggests it does. It automatically greases up your device for you. People who purchase hammer breaking tools sometimes decide to get an auto greaser to keep their hammers properly lubricated and in top working condition. Obviously, you can grease your hydraulic breaker tools manually buy why should you do that when you can use a beneficial tool that will do the work for you? 

3.    Auto greaser bracket: People who get an auto greaser generally also purchase an auto greaser bracket along with it. Though a bracket is not required, this is an excellent way to protect your auto greaser. 

4.    Nitrogen tank: Some of the power for your hydraulic breaker comes from the energy of high impact pressurized nitrogen. Some people also go for a nitrogen tank. Rentals are also available in the market. 

5.    Charging kit: A charging kit is utilized along with the nitrogen tank to charge your hammer in the field. This may be a real time saver if you are working in remote conditions. 

6.    Hydraulic hoses: Sometimes the depreciation on the equipments may cause leakages in the hydraulic hoses. It is highly suggested to carry a spare set of hydraulic hoses in case of a failure in the field. 

7.    Tool kit: People that work on their breakers on their own should consider a mobile tool kit that have all the tools and fitting necessary to carry out any kind of repairs in the field. Equipped with the ideal tools, almost any hydraulic tool repair can be achieved without the cost and downtime just to prevent rust and corrosion and extend the life of your babcat tools. 

8.    Touch up paint: Believe it or not, one of the most common accessories that people purchase is a bit of touch-up paint. It is vital to recoat the hammer intermittently to prevent corrosion and rust and extend the life of these tools.