There’s no doubt that it’s hard to see your child struggling with their math work. When your child comes home from school upset about a bad grade on a test, or even just a rough day in math class, all you’re going to want to do is help! 

While providing help for your child at home has many benefits, it’s tough as a parent to assess and provide your child with the exact assistance they need. There are so many awesome ways for parents to help their children, however, not all of them are specifically trained to teach math! That’s why incorporating a children’s tutoring centre into your child’s routine is an awesome way to help your child exactly where they’re struggling. Doing research is one of the best ways to seek information on great math tutors, and will also allow you to understand the importance of sending your child to a children’s tutoring centre.

Doing research on children’s tutoring centres takes time and patience. Google can offer honest reviews on tutoring centres; online is a great way to check out tons of tutoring centres at once! Asking friends and family is another great way to get honest recommendations on children’s tutoring centres. Lastly, your child’s teacher is a great resource to use to find a credible tutoring centre. Not only do teachers have great recommendations, but they understand your child’s learning style. There is no doubt that  Below is some tips on choosing a tutoring centre for your child: 

- Make sure the tutors at the children’s tutoring centre are not only qualified but are knowledgeable of the local curriculum. The right tutor will be able to tailor their instruction to the particular curriculum your child is learning. 

- Does the tutoring centre have a positive and friendly atmosphere? Do you feel as though the tutors have a supportive and patient attitude? One of the biggest things to look out for when choosing a tutoring centre is how positive you feel about it! Children are more likely to enjoy math tutoring (they really will!) when they are met with a supportive and helpful attitude. 

- A great children’s tutoring centre will offer a student-centered approach. No two children learn the same, and the right tutor will cater their instruction toward what works best for the child, and the way they learn best. Children not only learn differently but have different learning goals. Great tutoring takes those goals into account and works closely to help the student. 

- Ensure that the tutors will have open communication with you and provide you with feedback. This includes support on working with your child post-tutoring. This also involves asking questions about the feedback they provide and how frequently they’ll be in contact with you. 

While it may take some time to find the right children’s tutoring centre for your family, getting your child the help they need will increase their chances of success not only with their math but with other subjects.