Market Overview

UV disinfection is a very effective way of killing common germs and pathogens. Earlier, UV disinfection was only done in hospitals and laboratories. This was when people thought that sanitization and disinfection were only done for health and research purposes. However, as the stakes of diseases got higher and we ushered in a pandemic, UV disinfection has increased in importance for the general public and doctors. The demand for UV disinfection equipment has gone up exponentially in recent times. Because of the skyrocketing demand for such devices, the Ultraviolet Disinfection Equipment Market is set for tremendous growth in the upcoming forecast period.

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Today, the UV disinfection equipment market has diversified into different product types, technology, and applications. The UV disinfection equipment market has expanded in end-user segments, bringing about growth in the past years. In 2019-2020, the demand for UV disinfection equipment reached an all-time high as people turned to personal sanitization. The pandemic might have slowed down different industry segments, but it acted as a catalyst for the UV Disinfection Equipment Market. A paranoia around pathogens and the very present coronavirus made people buy UV disinfection equipment. This helped UV Disinfection Equipment manufacturers in penetrating previously untapped markets. UV Disinfection Equipment became more widely available.

Moreover, the equipment came in different scales to fit the needs of customers. From disinfecting phones to sanitizing different surfaces, there is a disinfection device for every kind of surface. The development of scalable, easy to install, and use UV disinfection devices positively influences the market. On the other hand, manufacturers are putting in much research and development into the sector. All these factors act as major drivers of the UV Disinfection Equipment Market Size expansion. People will still want to buy UV disinfection equipment for personal and commercial use in the forecast period. One of the major influences will be large-scale disinfection of hospitals and clinics in the future. 

Market Segmentation

 The UV Disinfection Equipment Market Size divides into different industrial segments depending on different criteria. The primary criteria of classification are components, deployment, application, and end-user. The market is further divided into UV lamps, reactor chambers, quartz sleeves, etc. Based on deployment, the market divides into wall-mounted and portable devices. Based on end-users, segmentation goes into the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. Moreover, based on application, the market disperses into wastewater disinfection, process water disinfection, air disinfection, etc. 

Regional Analysis 

The UV Disinfection Equipment Market disperses over different regions of the world. The major regional markets of the sector are North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the rest of the world. The most significant regional share of the UV disinfection equipment market belongs to the Asia Pacific region. This may be because of public awareness or the population of the region. However, the fastest growing regional market for the forecast period is the North American region. 

Industry news

The key players of the UV disinfection device market have undertaken research and development initiatives and collaborations to support collective growth. In 2020, Xylem developed a Sanitaire aeration system to support wastewater treatment and clean water initiatives. 

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