I personally regretted, not getting it. Played throughout the year on 2 - 4 accounts and cheap RuneScape gold paid full price for nearly all of the balances I played on without the price of premiere. The M+S, lender borrows additional great value to runescape its only a shame it took up as much dev time as it did. In addition to whats to come with 120 Herb and Farming has me really excited along with the brand new Archaeology Skill. I believe like a community we worry to much about what others feel and think and the way they play runescape. Not saying the total amount of this MTX rolling isn't extreme but its going to take place in one way or another.

TH just so happens to be a success from the point of view it enables people runescape players in order to add value to their accounts without sinking as much time to runescape. Allowing them to access the content they wish to do. Having just started a new alt accounts I can see the value TH adds for all those runescape players with much more money then they do some thing. Having just watched the Monetization QA all of the way through there were a lot of little things which were missed in the TL:DW not saying Suity/ImRubic did a bad job there was just somethings that I dont think were emphasized correctly. Especially since they will be coming out with a Dev blog this week with much more info on the premiere combat pass, something which will add even more value to premiere club.

As well as apparently some sensible changes to TH by November's end is what Mod Warden committed Mod MIC to. Sure the QA did not hit everyones goal for them eliminating TH but at least they are putting expectations for if items will be addressed rather than the platitudes we've been awarded in the past. Im much more optimistic about runescapes future now even with the screaming than I was last year (Therefore I didnt get premiere last year) and if not then Ill have pleasure doing Nex and finishing clues til runescape expires.

This match has been with me since middle school and now I'm nearing 30. As an adult with a profession I don't mind spending a few bucks on keys every once in a while.. My stance has and will be exactly the same, if you do not like it, do not participate.I wouldn't mind if TH were purely cosmetic or if the keys weren't obtainable through real-world currency. However, TH provides out either items or valuable xp, making runescape pay-to-win, in a sense. I have observed greed take lots of money from can you buy gold on old runescape people, although my issue with it may be my own. It just isn't right to earn money this way imo.