One of the best things about a Hawaiian vacation is that there are so many things to do. Everyone has their opinions about what's best, but there are a few things no one should miss. The Seven Mile Miracle is arguably one of them, and make sure it's included when you search for the best boat tours North Shore operators provide. It's the area with the best surf breaks (waves) globally, and you can see multiple legendary spots that have been defined the surf and beach culture worldwide. There is a majesty to those waters that's palpably exciting when you're out on them. Everyone enjoys the tour.

When you're out on those world-renown waters, your boat captain will tell you they are the proving ground for all surfers. It's the spot for all the superlatives about what can happen aboard a surfboard because the breaks are so ideal and consistent. The prime season for the best waves is November through February, when prevailing weather systems (low-pressure systems) send the perfect waves toward the shoreline. Surfers who do well in those waters will be able to enjoy the waves anywhere else in the world. It all takes place on sandy beaches that are breathtaking in their natural beauty.

The seven-mile miracle begins at Haleiwa Beach Park and runs to Sunset Beach on its northernmost end. As you tour the entire stretch, there is so much to experience. All the spots that are nearly sacred to surfers – Left Overs, Waimea Bay, Log Cabins -- are there,  to name a few. Then it continues with Off the Wall, Backdoor, Banzai Pipeline, and Pupukea. As you go along, you'll next come to Gas Chambers, Rocky Point, Monster Munch, and Kammieland. Try not to feel overwhelmed as you take them all in on a fun and fast-moving boat tour. Today's advanced watercraft makes it so much more enjoyable for everyone. 

While you're out on the Pacific, it's common to also see marine life as part of your North Shore boat tour. Local captains with experience know how to take you to all the best spots to see wildlife up close in their natural habitats. The best thing about today's fast-moving boat adventures is they are never dull. If you have older children and teens who like to be blasé about something, you'll see them smile and be excited about an ocean adventure as opposed to a slow-moving tour bus on land. When you're out on the water, you'll also skip Oahu's notorious traffic and see more things in much less time.