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When it comes to getting the right assistance for immigration services, get in touch with Olesya Matyushevsky and her team. Feel free to visit heir Hilton Head office or just call them and start consular processing. Thanks to the initial meeting and discussion, you will first understand your situation inside out. Then you will get the right advice to move further. Consular processing is the procedure of applying for an immigrant visa (green card) through a U.S. Embassy or consulate in a foreign country. To obtain your immigrant visa to the US, you can also opt for the adjustment of status. These specialists will analyze everything and help you understand which of the options is suitable for you. Remember that everything is based on your current situation. People who are outside the US can opt for adjustment of status as only consular processing can work for them. You can apply for lawful permanent resident status within the process of adjustment of status but you must be present in the United States. This means you can get a Green Card without the need of returning to your homeland in order to complete visa processing. For more details, just call this team and schedule a visit as soon as possible!