Attendees, regardless of whether they are physically present or virtual. Artwork Archive will allow you to upload your contacts and group them in affinity groups.


 Make use of the Contacts feature to manage your volunteers. Keep track of the details of their contact, keep an eye on their availability and interest, and plan them for the future.



 The rate of attrition among donors must be decreased

 To stay in touch with donors, set reminders. Keep track of important details that will keep donors interested, such as their past and interests.


 Participation and key documents that can encourage further discussion.

 Revenues increase


 Despite the massive lifting of lockdowns the digital transaction market continues to experience explosive growth. This is due in part due to the fact that transactions online are more popular than ever before.


 Although millennials have bought artwork from galleries that were traditional since the closing of those places, they are today "big spending consumers" and their levels of employment remain steady.