These shouldn't need that. - Right, so the last little design character they added was they added this thing called the Swingline. So you can see this right here and this kind of snugs the crutches in and gives you a little hug while you walking, and it also prevents the Dynamo Walking Cane crutches from slipping as easily. because they stay in place. - And you can see mine, I have it disconnected now, and we were talking that this is probably for just using the short distances. You may not want to use them. - Yeah I would not use the link for long distances around the house, I mean, I would not use the link for short distances. survival walking stick walking sticks for hiking walking sticks for women cane accessories canes near me walking canes for women best women's walking cane canes for women.


There you go Article. There we go. Around the house. I would use it if you were in the mall or something like that... Do kids still go to the mall? I don't even know. - I don't even know if malls exist anymore Article. No, they do. - Article But if they go somewhere and they know they're gonna be going on a long trip, this is a great thing to do. 'Cause, Walking Cane for Women there's a little bit of difficulty to get into. If you're non-weight bearing on one side here, it's difficult to get this around like this. But you can have someone help you if you know that you're gonna be going on a long trip. - Yeah, so it’s an option. - And you can see how it sticks there, it fits right inside there and it gives me a comforting hug. - And they're like typical crutches. You can adjust 'em. You don't need a wrench or anything there, just with your fingers. walking canes near me cane accessories near me best walking sticks for hiking walking sticks for hiking near me walking sticks for balance best walking sticks for seniors.


It's a snap to adjust that. And you have to adjust the top part and the lower part. And once you get it adjusted, you're done. - Generally, you adjust it so that you adjust the top part so that you have just a slight bend, like 15 degrees of the elbow, and still have room underneath the arm. - Yup, two or three fingers in. - And that's how you're going to adjust the full length too. They even show it on Article Article, even having it upside down like this and seeing how it hits right here. And adjusting it that way. So you can do it right here and then try it underneath your arm. There's always a little bit of play for - Variation, mm-hmm. - variation for comfort. So really cool crutches. Thank you for sending them to us. We'll use them with some patients, I'm sure sometimes, right? - Yeah, they're called Dynamo. A lot of times people have crutches by the time they come to us but... - Yeah, they're made by Dynamo, I believe, but we'll have a link below. - Sure, you bet. - That you can jump into them. All right, thanks to everybody for watching. I could put it out there and step to it and that's very stable a little bit faster is to put it out there with the other leg that's less stable but it's smoother now the other thing is turning with it what we see sometimes is people give it the hail-mary turn I'll kick chicken dogs and do it whatever they do with that stick out there we don't want to see.