Tired of your regular selfies? It means you have never-ever arrived in Delhi’s Sleek-Chic Photography places. From Humayun’s Tomb to the Jama Masjid you’ll never end up adding these places in your travel Diaries. Even Photographers in Delhi will always give you the best photography goals. 

Not only for street feasts, but there's also street photography where you can show off with all your quirky poses. Don’t limit yourself to “Soooo-Delhi” travel places. All you need to explore and find the perfect corner where you can get a better photo session. 


Discover more aesthetic destinations where you’ll find beauty in ruins only in the Capital of India. 

Have you ever watched Scooby-Doo? Well, it’s a famous 90's cartoon where Scooby and Shaggy hit the gig of food with candid poses. Yes! It’s a great example of joy and happiness.

So, here are some places where you can capture the attention of your photography skills. Let’s start!

  • The Largest Mosque in the world: Well, Shah Jahan’s one of the world-famous masterpieces in purani Delhi. This place is the center of attraction where you can capture perfect pictures to add more aesthetic moments. 


  • The Rushing streets: However, Chandni Chowk Ki Galiyaan is the reason why people visit there. From traditional attire to the lip-smacking feast, this place holds the entire Delhi. 


  • The Beautiful Ruins: If you visit Connaught place and don’t know about Agrasen Ki Baoli? Believe me, it's the best place where you can experience your pre-wedding or any other modeling shoot. 


You know what:

Travel + Food + Photography are the perfect combinations to wander around the world. You can take advice from Photographers in Connaught Place. Now, you’re all set to explore them at ZoopGo for further better experiences.