Make it easy to solicit donations through your CMS

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 Artwork Archive tracks and manages artworks, contacts locations exhibits, maintenance, and much more. Recent developments have seen "more" grow to


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 The Museum with no walls is the Mask Museum in Phoenix, Arizona. The Cultural Coalition has been organizing the museum and is currently building a new facility.

 The collection's amazing masks will be kept safe. This is why fundraising is so important and budgets are very tight. They therefore signed up to Artwork

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 Archive is accountable for organizing and managing the permanent collection of the museum and also the development of the museum.

 In addition to making records of artwork, records were also created for different donation amounts, i.e. $50, $100. They then make use of Artwork Archive's marketing tools

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 Tools like tools like the Public Profile can be used to advertise the donation options. This can all be tracked and donors are able to pay with ease through Paypal integration.