With the increase in privately owned cars, the purchase of 4g lte gps tracking devices is also increasing, but there are also many car owners who do not know where to install them after purchase, which is more secretive. Today we will give some suggestions to customers who are confused in this regard, so that everyone can refer to the installation location of 4g lte gps tracking device.

1. Installed in the central control. In the central control of the car, there are audio, navigation and other circuit gathering belts. In addition, it is impossible for car owners to disassemble the central control for research and inquiry, and the high-end positioning equipment needs to be continuously charged, so the central control must be very safe and convenient People are in an unexpected position.

2. Bumper. Generally speaking, there is no safety accident. It is impossible for car owners to remove the bumper. Therefore, it is "safe" to install the 4g lte gps tracking device here.

3. The engine compartment, which is also a very hidden location, because the engine is a key component of the car, so if there is nothing wrong with the car owners, it is impossible to open the engine compartment for inquiries. It is precisely because some of the engine owners will ignore this position, so the engine compartment has also become a commonly used installation position for the 4g lte gps tracking device.

4. The 4g lte gps tracking device is easy to be installed in the tire because the tire is a point that is easily overlooked by everyone, and even if the tire leaks or punctures during driving, everyone will only remove the tire. , It is impossible to cut it and query. Therefore, the tire becomes one of the good places to install the 4g lte gps tracking device.