When it comes to the suction phenomenon of the hydraulic pump, we have to say one point. The self-priming ability of the hydraulic pump refers to the ability of the pump to suck oil from the open tank below the pump at the rated speed. The size of the self-priming capacity is often expressed in terms of the height of the suction or the degree of vacuum. The air pumping phenomenon of the hydraulic pump is directly related to the self-priming ability of the hydraulic pump. To understand the cause of the fault and the maintenance method of the air pumping phenomenon of the hydraulic pump, you must first understand why the hydraulic pump has the air pumping phenomenon.

What is the suction phenomenon of the hydraulic pump:

The essence of the self-priming ability of the hydraulic pump is that because the pump's suction chamber forms a partial vacuum, the oil in the oil tank flows into the suction chamber under the effect of atmospheric pressure, so the greater the vacuum degree of the suction chamber of the hydraulic pump, the higher the suction height: The value of the degree of vacuum is limited by cavitation conditions. The pump's suction height is generally not more than 500mm. Different types of hydraulic pumps have different self-priming capabilities. Due to the resistance of the suction port of the pump is too large, the speed of the hydraulic pump is too high, and the viscosity of the oil is too large, etc., the phenomenon of insufficient oil absorption is called suction.

The causes and maintenance methods that cause the air pump to have a suction phenomenon are:

1. The oil suction filter is partially blocked, and the oil suction resistance is large-maintenance method: clean or replace the filter

2. The suction pipe is relatively close to the liquid level-maintenance method: appropriately lengthen and adjust the length or position of the suction pipe

3. The oil suction position is too high or the fuel tank liquid level is too low-maintenance method: reduce the installation height of the pump or increase the liquid level

4. The seals of the pump and the suction pipe are not tight. Maintenance method: Check the seal of the joint and the joint surface, and tighten them.

5. The oil level is too high-maintenance method: check the oil quality and select the oil level as required

6, the pump speed is too high (improper use)-maintenance method: control below the maximum speed

7, the flow area of ​​the suction filter is too small-maintenance method: replace the filter with a large flow area

8. Insufficient or faulty fuel supply of auxiliary pumps other than self-priming pumps-Maintenance method: Repair or replace auxiliary pumps

9, the air filter on the fuel tank is blocked-maintenance method: clean or replace the air filter

10, pump shaft oil seal failure-maintenance method: replace the pump shaft oil seal

In the maintenance of hydraulic pumps, if the hydraulic pump has a serious suction phenomenon, it will cause a huge noise to the hydraulic pump, which will seriously affect the working status of the operator and cause noise pollution, which will endanger the health of the operator in the long run. And it will reduce the working efficiency of the entire hydraulic system, which can be described as harmless but not beneficial. Therefore, no matter for the operator or the whole project progress, Zhejiang Yongling Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd. believes that it is necessary to eliminate the air pumping phenomenon of the hydraulic pump and reduce noise pollution.


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