chin fillers london may not seem as exciting as swelling the lips or cheeks, but according to the injectors more and more people are asking for this facial augmentation. .Jane Leonard, family physician and graduate aesthetic physician. “Chin enhancement helps create definition in the lower third of the face. When injected in combination with the cheeks and jawline, it can create the desirable heart-shaped face. As with most injectables, Social media these days has a lot to do with the chin fill trend. “It's all about selfies,” certified dermatologist Jessie Cheung, MD told Byrdie. “We all know the best selfie pose is. with the chin tilted towards the camera. This pose allows light to reflect reflections off your face, elongate your neck and define your jawline. ” He goes on to explain that the chin is one of the central pillars of the face, and if your chin is disproportionate, the rest of your face will look “off”."She notes that aesthetically, a small chin can accentuate the nose and weaken the jawbone, while a bigger chin can even make you angry. 

Who can get chin filler?

“Anyone who wants a better profile can consider chin filling,” notes Dr. Cheung. “We all lose some bones as we age and as our jawbones shrink we start to notice drooping cheeks and necks. Imagine a tent pole collapsing if you put the tent pole back in place, the curtain will smooth out. ”Explain that the filling can be placed on the underside of the chin to lengthen the chin and thus help define the jawline. Injecting fillers into the front of the chin will also help support the cheeks and prevent frowning or rabid sagging of the lip muscles. As with all treatments, it is worth considering all of your characteristics and what your ultimate goals are. In other words, the chin should not be treated in isolation. “Any treatment should be done in the context of the entire face, especially the rest of the jaw,” says cosmetic physician Dr David Jack. “I usually do injections in the chin and side jaw.