The first thing to consider is what is a CRM?

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 A CRM is a system to manage customer relations. It is also referred to as an "Constituent Relationship" in the non-profit sector.

 Management" System that is inseparable with donor management.

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 Artwork Archive likes to refer to CRM as 'Contact Relationship Management' because it manages many types of contacts: donors, members and others.

 patrons, curators, artists, vendors, etc.

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 How can you make use of Artwork Archive's CRM system to build new connections with donors:

 Artwork Archive is cloud-based so you can access your digital address books from any location at any time, on any time, and on any device.

 Let's assume you are the director of an academic galleries and you meet an individual who is a philanthropist at an occasion on campus. They're attracted to your institution, particularly in

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 Your patronage level and the upcoming event you've planned.

 Artwork Archive's CRM can be utilized to create contact records of potential donors. The record could contain details about the donor's general information, and social media.