Dentures are artificial teeth that can be used to replace missing teeth in your mouth, but they must be removed at night. As a result, they are prosthetic teeth that may be removed.

Dentures can replace some tissues in your mouth and they can replace teeth in your mouth. For example, when you’re missing teeth, you may notice that your lips have a more fallen appearance. Dentures can help to replace and restore some of that and ask to be in your mouth.

They’re not the same as a prosthetic leg, which replaces some of your normal anatomy but isn’t necessarily a part of you. They are detachable, and you must take care of them and keep them clean. So in this article you will get through everything there is to know about dentures and their types so without any further ado let’s straight off take a look.

  • Complete dentures: Dentures that replace all of your teeth in your mouth are known as complete dentures. You may have complete dentures on your upper arch and a separate complete denture on your lower arch, or you could have a set of complete dentures on both arches to replace all of your teeth. The cost of permanent dentures cost NZ varies depending on the type and other factors.
  • Partial dentures: Dentures that replace only some of your teeth are known as partial dentures. Partial dentures can be held in place by clipping around your natural teeth or by suction if they cover the palate. If you have teeth missing on both sides of your mouth, partial dentures may be an option. Your denture would stretch from one side of your mouth to the other. You can get an immediate denture right after a tooth extraction, so you can have a tooth out and a denture put in right afterwards. Cost of immediate dentures NZ as well varies accordingly and same is in the case of partial dentures cost NZ.

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