There are many reasons for using decorative life-like artificial plants and trees.

They are the perfect solution where the light situation isn’t good enough and where a real plant wouldn’t survive. Artificial plants and trees free you of any maintenance costs and help you save money. Or you simply don’t feel good at looking at another plant that just didn’t make it.

Using bespoke artificial plants and trees in theme parks or shopping malls is the perfect solution to re-create real-life environments, bringing the outside in. Giving you the feeling of being in the desert, in a forest, a tropical jungle, a cherry tree park, or an olive tree field.

Or one could also choose to have artificial garden trees or plants too. If you like to have or create a garden vibe, with lush greenery around you at home, or workspace,  or even in common public spaces, we can do that for you.

Whatever the reason, you can rely on us to provide you with the high-quality and bespoke artificial plant or artificial tree you are looking for. We can supply virtually any type of colour for your artificial trees and offer unique touches to make your item one of a kind.

If we don’t have what you need, we simply manufacture it for you, in the shortest time possible – using our expertise of many years. We offer you custom-made trees to suit your project design needs.

We also provide the finest natural preserved trees and plants indoors too, suitable for home decor and office rooms. We handpicked 100% natural leaves and designed them in suitable ways that are easy to maintain, comforting and, with the natural freshness that makes you feel close to nature.

We have options for large plants and trees. Also, we will provide vertical gardens on buildings. We do have large indoor and outdoor plants and trees. So, that way you can customise it accordingly.

But if you only want outdoor artificial trees that give you the touch of the local region, we also have outdoor artificial palm trees

Natural trunks or fiberglass trunks, we help you achieve the look you are aiming for.

We explain to you the difference between artificial and preserved plants and trees and help you select the right one for your space.

Our outdoor plants and trees are UV protected. And if you require, we also can provide you with fire retardant or inherently fire retardant plants and trees. For this, we have artificial plants for the balcony as well as artificial plants for the front porch. 

Plants Design offers unique artificial plants and trees for projects and homes in the UAE or any other country. Our team of experts has been installing artificial plants throughout the globe.

Contact us and let us discuss which of the different artificial or preserved trees or plants will work best for your project.