USS offers a set of comprehensive and robust Entrance Control Systems that are your first life of defence against unauthorized entry. At USS we believe that the entrance to any premises is strategically important and putting in place, a thorough security check at this point is essential for identifying and eliminating threats before they become fatal.

Our state-of-the-art and customizable entrance control solutions can be integrated with futuristic visitor management solutions like SecuViz. This helps you gain higher control and flexibility over your operations, while facilitating seamless flow of data and decisions for achieving robust security for your premises.

USS, being a Gold Partner for Gunnebo (the world’s leading manufacturer of entrance control systems), are best placed to recommend its cutting-edge solutions. The solutions offered are categorized into;


Outdoor Entrance Control

Spike Barriers

The spike barrier is designed to offer protection in both directions on entry and exit. The compact design allows for the minimum of excavation work and simplifies the installation

The spike barrier can be configured in the following ways: boom stays down on power failure and spikes remain up; or boom opens on power failure and spike will lower on power failure.