At present time we have to work day long in such time we must be comfortable in our period days. while doing Leakproof Thong so, We wear and wash them, so mean was expecting it also did not experience any leakage which is something that was concerned about because with the other one the high-rise one the length of the pad was not long enough. On a regular basis would wear the overnight pads when went to bed and they would belong they'd all the way we know down our back or whatever but the actual pad that is built into these underwears is a bit shorter so was kind of worried that it was going to spill out into the rest of the underwear that is not leak-proof or anything like that and it would spill out into our bed actually have a blanket on our bed just to protect our sheets because they're white sheets and don't want to destroy our white sheets for the sake of this article there was no leakage didn't have any problem with that so for the daytime transitioned into another high absorbency underwear because day two once again is very heavy.


So this one is the super leak proof than bwe have never worn a thong on our second day of our period Light periods Thong .But this was actually the most comfortable this is honestly our favorite out of all of them for the first like hour or so same thing it felt like it was a little bit  shifty but after an hour it kind of morphed to our body very nicely and we didn't even feel it didn't even realize that was wearing these we know period undergarments at all it felt so amazing it was so comfortable like it felt so snug and the thing about it ididn't feel uncomfortable like said before would normally wear pads and there's no way to feel good when we are wearing pads like it's just not a sexy situation it feels like we are wearing an adult diaper to be honest it was nice to not feel like was wearing a diaper it felt like a regular underwear that would normally buy and that's what liked about this the most it just felt so comfortable so comfortable love this one for the second night went into our high rise pair of underwear this is the leak proof thong.


We learned about  Thong underwear before this is now in the shade nude also. When they say this is nude this is the brown one this is actually our type of nude was kind of shocked at how it looked on our body honestly we have never worn nude before as a person with dark skin nude has always been like beige light brown it's always been khaki, it's never been our actual color so we know that there are some other brands that offer undergarments that are in nude for dark skin complexions but we have personally never tried one before trying this was really shocked at how nice it looked on our body so look up the morning there was no blood in our bed array for us and our white sheets day number three this is when felt like should have gotten an extra pair because we didn't know which one to wear the thing about these underwears  Breathable Thong is that the padding is black so we have no idea if our flow is easing up if it's getting heavier, we have no idea what's going on and this is why we would say like maybe have our cycle.