More innovations in medical custom marijuana packaging are hitting the market as many states legalize marijuana for both medical and recreational purposes. These products' dispensaries, extractors, and growers now have a plethora of packaging options to differentiate themselves from the competition and appeal to consumers.


Few best practices to follow if you want to create high-quality recreational or medical custom marijuana packaging. These are some examples:

Make Your Brand Stand Out

Making your brand stand out from the crowd with value-added packaging is one of the most important aspects of custom weed packaging. You want people to recognize your products without confusing them with others, and you want to create a uniquely yours look. This could range from a well-known logo and color scheme to unusual packaging shapes.

Educate Customers

Another thing to think about regarding custom marijuana packaging is educating your customers. Customers should understand what they are getting when they purchase a product. Educational packaging could include state-mandated information about the contents and information about your company and what makes your products unique.

Quality Communication

Another aspect you want to establish among your customer base is quality. High-quality packaging materials, such as odor-proof containers that are also secure and user-friendly, will contribute to your company's reputation for producing some of the best products. Attractive designs and printed labels will help establish your brand as a source of quality.

Products should be protected.

Many cannabis products are delicate, so it is critical to ensure that your custom weed packaging is sturdy and protective of maintaining product quality and integrity. Whether it's a vial or an edible product, packaging must act as a protective barrier to ensure consumers receive high-quality goods.


While standard packaging may be appealing, especially when starting a new business, there are some advantages to getting custom cannabis packaging that standard packaging does not provide. Standard cannabis packaging, for example, typically features a flat design that limits creativity and makes products appear more generic. Custom Weed Packaging, on the other hand, can provide you with a plethora of options in terms of colors, logos, sizes, and other specifications based on your company's specific requirements.

Finally, using custom packaging designs will give your company and products a much better chance of standing out from the crowd and being instantly recognizable to customers.


Another important factor to consider; Cannabis, like other medical and recreational substances, is hazardous to children, so you must ensure that your packaging is child-resistant.

There are a few general requirements that must be met for packaging to be considered child-resistant, which include:

  • The National Poison Prevention Packaging Act requires that all child-resistant packages meet the standards established by the Poison Prevention Packaging Act.
  • The federal testing procedure 16CFR must test paperboard folding cartons Part1700.
  • To be considered child-resistant, single-use bags, including those with zippers for re-sealing, must be heat-sealed.
  • Opaque pop-top tubes, used for pre-rolled products, are another type of packaging that is considered secure and child-resistant.
  • Many states require push-and-turn caps on bottles and other containers.

Meeting these and any other state-specific child-resistance requirements will help ensure that your products are always safe to use.


Cannabis products are available in various forms, including smoked marijuana strains, edibles, vape pens, and CBD oils. The best packaging for each product will be determined by where it will be sold. Paperboard packaging is appropriate for nearly all secondary packaging designs for shelf or retail display. Paperboard packaging can also be tailored to the specific needs of the individual product. Some products, for example, may necessitate child-resistant packaging features that are not required for all products. Regardless, cartons continue to be a popular way to package cannabis products ranging from the most common to the most unusual.

Cannabis Vape Pen Packaging

Vapes are commonly used to smoke marijuana instead of traditional smoking methods, similar to how cigarettes are substituted. Folding cartons are frequently used for packaging cannabis vape pens because they provide a sturdy solution for holding one or more vape pens.

Cannabis Cartridge Packaging

Cannabis cartridges store cannabis oil and are ideal for on-the-go smoking. Folding cartons are also used to store these and vape pens.

Pre-Roll Cannabis Packaging

As a low-cost, disposable solution, pre-rolled cannabis joints are convenient to smoke marijuana products. Pre-rolled cannabis is typically packaged in child-resistant paperboard.

Cannabis Oil Packaging

CBD oils are extracts of the CBD Sativa plant used in cannabis cartridges. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol) are typically available in two forms. The difference between these two is that THC is the active chemical in marijuana that causes intoxication, whereas CBD does not contain THC and is frequently used for medical purposes. Cannabis oils are typically packaged in a folding carton and stored in a glass dropper for retail display.

Cannabis Concentrate Packaging

Cannabis concentrates are various cannabis extracts, such as cannabis oils, wax, dabs, hash, and tinctures. They either have THC or CBD extracts in them. Your cannabis packaging will differ depending on the type of concentrate. Still, they are typically stored in screw-top containers such as jars that are either opaque or transparent, housed in small easy-to-open boxes.

Cannabis Distillates Packaging

Cannabis distillates, a highly valuable concentrate, are highly viscous extracts made of pure THC sap. These distillate oils, like other concentrates, are typically stored in dab containers.

Cannabis Edibles Packaging

Cannabis edibles are among the most popular types of marijuana today, with many THC-containing confections available, such as gummies and chocolates. These will be packaged in the same way as traditional candies, with opaque resealable bags and child-resistant folding cartons, as is common for edible products.


Are you looking for the best cannabis packaging company to provide the best solution for your company? A reputable custom marijuana packaging company will provide you with specific services based on your specific requirements.

Rapid Time to Market

Because you need to release new products as soon as possible, speed to market is critical to your company's success. At the same time, you do not want to sacrifice quality. The right cannabis packaging company will recognize that time is money while also emphasizing the importance of quality, combining efficiency with dependable design and development services.

Turnkey Programs

There are numerous components to promotional packaging design, including set boxes, dust covers, vac trays, inserts, and fulfillment, and other services. A good packaging company will be able to meet all of your adult-use or medical custom marijuana packaging needs.

Certified processes

In addition, you should work with a company that can provide you with certified processes that ensure compliance with all industry standards. From child resistance to ISO 9001:2015 certification, reputable packaging companies will disclose the certification status of their processes.


The packaging company you work with must understand your products and industry, so you should look for a company that boasts years of experience. Examples of previous work and customer feedback will help determine whether a company is worth partnering with for marijuana product packaging.

Quality Assurance Management System Qualified

Another critical component of a dependable company's operations is a qualified management system. Packaging companies that have effective quality management in place can combine quality and speed to provide some of the best innovative solutions with a quick turnaround. An ISO 9001:2015-certified company is more likely to provide you with the quality assurance you require for each product.

Considering all of these factors, you can obtain the cannabis packaging solutions you require to successfully launch your marijuana products across the expanding market, with unique top-quality packaging that truly speaks to your brand.