BTS Jungkuk did somthing amazing!!!
He is the real influencer. Few month ago, BTS(Bantan) and Coldplay worked together for My Universe in the studio in UK.
Jungkuk posted him in black Hanbok and Coldplay members are also wearing Korean traditional clothes, Hanbok.
They are visually so attractive and Jungkuk contributed to the better awareness of Hanbok to the world. Since then, Jungkuk's fashion taste has shared to the community around the world and it inspires many Life Hanbok brands in South Korea.  
[스경X초점]‘K’ 열풍 속 한복으로 ‘뽐’낸 아이돌

Global Kpop idols are showing off their Korean style. They promote Korean Culture by playing Korean traditional instrument in their songs and wearing Korean traditional clothes with accessories for the album jacket. It is visually very beautiful.


Exo Kai is showing off his Korean look  through the 2nd mini album 'Peaches' released on Nov 30, 2021. He is wearing Hanbok, Korean traditional clothes, which looks modern. Especially, his hair style reminds of fantage Korean historical drama. Kpop idol Exo Kai performed on his online solo concert, 'Beyond Live #Cinema - Kai : KLoor' in beautiful Korean traditional clothes, Hanbok. 

His song, Peaches topped on iTunes top album Chart in 65 countries. 

V LIVE - Beyond LIVE #Cinema - KAI : KLoor


[스경X초점]‘K’ 열풍 속 한복으로 ‘뽐’낸 아이돌

ONEUS released 6th Mini album,"Blood Moon" on Nov 9. The concept was also Korean Traditional Look and K Beauty, which attracts our eyes overwhelmingly.

The title song, LUNA introduces oriental instrument and uses poem-like lyrics. Their performance also shows Korean traditional mask dance, folk dance and arouses Korean sentiment. 

They recorded MV with Oriental Objet such as Lotus, Korean picture scroll and It was filmed at the background of Korean Palace. This Music video has more than 100K views and it has definitely helped raise  awareness of Korean Classic Beauty.

What a Beautiful Korean Classic Look!


Suggestion brands for Life Hanbok :






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