It happens every now and then, people join gym centres, workout for a month or so and then stop going to the gym. There are certain reasons that make the above-stated statement true. One is that in this hectic lifestyle and busy work schedules, we often get limited time to spend on such activities especially when it comes to leaving the comfort of your home. Secondly, gym & fitness centres are quite congested and crowded which makes it challenging to work out with satisfaction. After work, we all insist on calm and composed environment and working out in a crowded place is the last thing we would ever want. Another thing that concerns when enrolling in a gym membership is time & convenience. All the reasons stated-above justify the conception of a home training station.


Functional training can be easily performed at home. The main target of the Functional trainer is to put emphasis on core muscles in the abdomen and lumbar region by employing weight-bearing workouts. While you can invest in a gym and exercise on different training machine for each group of muscles, this may not target the smaller sections of the body & underlying muscles.

Functional training relates to training the body for the actions performed in everyday life. For instance, a squat is a functional exercise that trains the muscles and focuses on improving weight. To truly get the benefits from the workouts and build muscles mass, you must focus on your muscular balance and stability of your joints. This enables you to lower the number of injuries that might happen when getting involves in rigorous workouts. Proper functional training allows you to work with the natural ability of the body and to improve the density. By utilizing a local gym, you are only focusing on the single motion of the body regarded as the un-natural form. This could turn into faulty motions resulting in injuries. Below is the several fitness equipment you can make use of when starting a functional training program at your home gym:

  • Cable machine/pulley, 
  • Dumbbells,
  • Kettlebell,
  • Resistance tubes,
  • Weight Plates,
  • Barbell,
  • EZ curl rod, and so much more. 

Working with a functional trainer will help you determine your strength and feeble points, which you can potentially increase through a designed program. If you are a professional sportsperson who have recently dealt with an injury, you might need to focus on your muscles and gain strength through functional training. Add activities that would focus on versatility, strength, stability, core and stamina.

To maintain and keep up with the correct athletic posture, the body needs to pay attention to developing the ability to transform energy from the lower body to upper body through the stable use of the core. By employing core exercises to your athletic routine by emphasizing more on strength training, the body obtains more control without provoking any pain.

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