During the latest BlizzConline, Blizzard announced the newest expansion patch for World of Warcraft, and to be honest, who didn't see that coming? It's going to be titled ‘The Burning Crusade Classic' with a release date that is yet to be announced.To get more news about buy wow gold safe, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

In contrast to the approach that Blizzard took with WoW: Classic until now, with The Burning Crusade Classic, they plan on making some notable changes to the game along with the update, of which they plan on roping in players for a beta test as well.

But with a game that is 15 years old, having a player base that is very settled into its complex mechanics, how welcomed will the new changes be? From purchasable level boosts to an overhaul to spell batching, our team has uncovered the major changes that are going to be implemented in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic.

What this means, is that the update and its contents will not entirely be available to experience on the expansion's release date; rather, The Burning Crusade Classic will update bit by bit, periodically, until the expansion will be playable in its entirety.

This is quite a common tactic that game developers use to hold their player base's interest over a long period of time, making sure to create anticipation and not to let it fizzle out immediately. and from what Blizzard promises its players through this expansion, I don't think people would take issue with periodic updates.The coveted Draenei and Blood Elf characters will be available for players to create and raise to level 60 well before the official release of the expansion, something that was not seen in previous updates, making it less tedious for players wanting to play the aforementioned characters.

Another offer that Blizzard is including is a paid character boost (level 58) that can take place once per account. Anyone who did not play WoW: Classic can hop right into the new expansion instead of spending countless valuable hours grinding their levels up within the original game. This boost will not, however, be applicable to Draenei and Blood Elves.I feel like making the level jumps a paid feature was a bit of a scummy move by Blizzard. There are various MMOs out there that give out level boosts, experience buffs and whatnot for free when a new update rolls out, as an added incentive to play. Come on, everybody likes free things.

Something that I personally detested was how easy the raid bosses in WoW: Classic had started becoming. This concern will be alleviated for players with similar feelings as it is reported that The Burning Crusade Classic will be having certain bosses' difficulties equal to their pre-nerfed state.

Now, don't expect this to last forever as balance patches and adjustments are always on the horizon after any update. But for a gamer who enjoys the challenge a game has to offer, being able to experience tougher raids, even if for a relatively short time, is something to look forward to.

Another notable change is the reduction of raid group members from 40 to 25. This can shake up the raiding meta in a large way as players are used to having the exact 40 members to raid with every single time, not to mention how class-stacking won't be as effective of a strategy in the new expansion.