Without the release of a new Rolex timepiece, 2020 will not come and go in a hurry. Can you easily buy a completely different story. Rolex has decided to transform 2020 into its most popular steel watch (also available in gold): the classic Submariner. (In this article, we will introduce the "no date" Submariner 124060.) Perhaps the new Sub is a predictable move, because in a recent poll, nearly 65% ​​of aBlogtoWatch viewers predicted Rolex's new 2020 watch Will be in the Submariner family. The Oyster Professional Submariner update sees that the Submariner series replica watches uk are equipped with a new suit (squinting, you will notice the difference in the case) and a new beating heart inside, which finally brings Submariner into the 3230 series movement with higher accuracy and stability. And the power reserve is better than the previous generation movement.

Now let us focus on the 2020 Rolex Submariner No Date 124060, which has always been the more elegant Submariner watch due to its fully symmetrical dial. Some people also dislike the Rolex Cyclops Magnifier on the sapphire crystal, but this is not the case on the No Date Submariner model. It is also worth noting that Submariner watches with date complications are more expensive. In other words, given the contemporary demand for Rolex Submariner watches, I feel that Rolex Submariner 126610 and 124060 will be equally challenging to purchase in a retail environment.

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