While it is tempting to snap up a bargain online, there are some pitfalls for the inexperienced consumer when it comes to ordering water pumps online in New Zealand.


It is important consumers consider the following before purchasing a water pump online:


Local conditions

When ordering a water pump for use in cities like Auckland in New Zealand, it is important to consider the local conditions. For example, installing a water pump in an area of New Zealand where it snows and water pipes regularly freeze up could end up in the water pump motor burning out if it has not been selected appropriately for the climatic conditions. In Auckland freezing of the water pipe is less likely to occur, but it does happen. The best way to choose a water pump for Auckland conditions is to speak to a local water pump supplier in Auckland. They have the local knowledge to know what type of water pump works best in your region. Your local water pump supplier also has expert knowledge around the design and installation of your water pumping system in Auckland. While you could order your water pump online, there may be factors you have not considered. Your local Water Pump Supplier Auckland can help you address them.






The quality of your water pump is important in New Zealand because they often have to work very hard. Some water pumps are made with cheaper materials such as poly valves. While these products may be acceptable in sheltered situations, generally more sturdy higher grade parts last better in harsh conditions such as those found in some regions of New Zealand. Once again your local water pump supplier will provide you with a wealth of knowledge.



The inexperienced consumer may not fully understand how to calculate the capacity of the water pump needed. If ordering online, this can result in the pump not producing enough water pressure to meet your expectations. In cities like Auckland, mains water supply may provide enough water pressure for your irrigation needs. However, if you have a rainwater tank then a water pump may still be necessary. In rural areas throughout New Zealand, water pumps are regularly used and have many very specific applications. It is best to find a local water pump supplier in your area of New Zealand for some local advice and industry-specific experience when calculating capacity.

The following link will be helpful in searching for an experienced water pump supplier in New Zealand.



Lack of Fittings

If you do go ahead and order a water pump online in New Zealand, you may discover when it arrives that it does not have the necessary fittings to connect to your water source. Most likely you will need to get some advice from a local water pump supplier about how to connect it and maybe even pay someone to install it. Most suppliers of water pumps in Auckland and New Zealand will give you a better deal if they are both supplying and installing the water pump so it may be an advantage to use them from the outset.


No guide to installation

When the water pump arrives after ordering online, there is often no installation guide or the instructions are very minimal. While some DIY enthusiasts may be able to troubleshoot this, there is the potential for safety concerns when dealing with water, electricity and a lack of best practice installation procedures. Often it is better just to engage a professional Water Pump Supplier New Zealand and installer from the beginning.


Flow Calculations

It is important to do flow calculations before ordering a water pump, regardless of whether you order your water pump online or through a trusted water pump supplier in Auckland or other parts of New Zealand. Flow calculations can be a little bit tricky - if not done correctly your irrigation system will not function properly. If you don’t feel proficient with flow calculations it is recommended you call in professionals.


Supply problems

Ordering online can present supply problems at the best of times, especially if products are being shipped in from overseas. Purchasing your water pump through a local supplier alleviates this problem. Often they will have stock of water pumps on hand or will have a good handle on delivery times if you need to order something in. They specialise in water pump supply so you can be confident you are getting the best available service.


Interesting Fact

Manufacturers of quality water pumps prefer to supply their products through specialised distributors. The manufacturers of water pumps understand that New Zealand consumers expect the highest level of performance from their water pumps. By using a specialist water pump supplier at the outset, expectations are more frequently met and outcomes improved.

When you look at the websites of trusted manufacturers, the website is all about providing product knowledge. For example, Grundfos and Davey are well-respected manufacturers of water pumps. If you go to their websites, both will provide you with product information but will direct you to an authorised dealer or water pump supplier for the actual purchase.


It is clear there are many pitfalls when ordering a water pump online so it is wise to use the services of a professional water pump supplier right from the start of your irrigation project..


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