Constipation is a health disorder where a person can encounter infrequent and uncomfortable bowel movements. A person who suffers from constipation can notice bowel movements that can ultimately lead to the passage of dry stool or stool in hard or small amounts, usually one to three times a week.

What are the causes of constipation disorders?

  • Bad dietary habits like consumption of junk foods and overprocessed foods along with overeating
  • Vata-provoking lifestyle and diet
  • Consumption of foods with improper combinations
  • Intake of allergenic or intolerable foods like gluten, wheat, dairy, eggs, nuts, and soy, to name a few
  • Stale or leftover food items
  • Anxiety
  • Dehydration
  • Excessive worry or fear
  • Poor or inconsistent daily routine
  • Improper meal schedule and sleep routine
  • Insomnia or lack of proper sleeping patterns
  • High-stress levels
  • Excessive travel
  • Disorders in gut flora
  • Parasites
  • Suppression of urges

It is good to follow a strict Vata-pacifying diet. Making appropriate dietary changes is necessary for restoring the balance within the digestive system. To overcome constipation, you must consume a healthy diet. You can follow these guidelines:

  • Take in easy-to-digest and plain meals like kitchari, basmati rice, soup, steamed veggies, stews, broths, white quinoa, stews, and crock-pot meals.
  • Go for warm and mushy foods prepared from healthy spices
  • Avoid the intake of raw, cold, dry, and rough foods or drinks like cold smoothies, crackers, dry cereal, granola bars, raw juice, protein bars, to 7ast, and so on.
  • Whittle down the consumption of hard-to-digest and heavy foods like dairy products, meat, and beans (except red lentils and moong beans)
  • Follow a consistent meal schedule at an appropriate time (e.g., 7-8a am breakfast, 1 pm-2 pm lunch, and 7 pm-8 pm dinner)

When coping with Vata imbalances, you will have to include a few vata-eliminating lifestyle practices into your daily routine. Apart from curing constipation, these practices can cure underlying Vata disorders like sleep issues, restless mind, and anxiety disorders. You can drink 2-3 glasses of warm water every day in the morning, especially on an empty stomach or steadily in between your meals. It can serve as a special means to eliminate potential dehydration that can contribute to constipation. Ayurvedic medicine for constipation can be very effective due to the presence of a heal-all formula known as Triphala churna. It also includes vata honey that can aid in overall digestive processes. Baidyanath medicines can eliminate constipation issues as their formulation can eliminate disorders like constipation, bloating, and gas.


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