Those are coming to market to allow you to kind of fine-tune that cannabis experience for your canoe-curious journey so now transitioning into cannabinoids are compounds found in cannabis so everything really is a compound and the most notable cannabinoid is the phytocannabinoid tetrahydrocannabinol so again thc thc is mainly playing off of your cb1 receptors it's why you feel psychotropic why you feel a little high while you feel a buzz versus cbd Buy Terpenes mainly plays on your cb2 receptors and that's where it helps more with overall inflammation and just like the ease of your body optimization and things like that so CBD’s scientific name is cannabidiol thcs is tetrahydrocannabinol say that 10 times but they're compounds they're chemical compounds that again exist in the cannabis plant and they function in your body.


You have an endocannabinoid system so there have been at least 113 distinct cannabinoids that have been isolated from cannabis today we'll go over some of the more popular ones again this is just to give you a good kind of starting ground to start to determine a little bit more of what personally your body might respond best to but really just want you to be educated on the very the door's just cracking open there's just so much more to unpack and learn so if you're True Terpenes shopping with a restart or you're shopping really with any cannabis provider whether it's a cbd brand or it's a let says a legal state like you're in California obviously in a legal state you are able to have higher percentages of thc thc again is what's going to make you feel a little bit more psychotropic versus cbd has different properties the whole point is each of these cannabinoids has a different function.


So in the next slide we'll go into a little bit more of what you might take cbg for over cbn but just know there's so much more than just cbd or than just thc and i also love to highlight i get asked a lot you know is cbd going to make me high i don't want to be high and i think that's a really fair question and perspective and i really strive to make everybody feel comfortable with cannabis to know that if you enjoy that buzz there are products that can achieve that personally speaking i do not consume alcohol but i do enjoy looking forward to that you know mind shut off that sometimes these vices can also provide us and so i look Live resin Terpenes to thc as my way to kind of calm my brain down and allow me to get better rest relaxation just kind of chill out versus cbd i take for other reasons and so if you're someone who doesn't want to feel the thc effects you don't have to is kind of the point i'm trying to make my hope and my goal is to provide you with a broad array of options and ideas to inspire you to think of different ways that you can connect with a cannabis plant to find out what might ultimately work best for you or your loved ones who are pursuing cannabis so going into the health benefits okay so this slide can be a little overwhelmingwe have a version of this at restart.