Appointments during your pregnancy make for antenatal care. The WHO recommends a minimum of 8 antenatal visits. So, when your pregnancy is confirmed, consider visiting a reputed children's hospital to have your antenatal appointments scheduled right away. For that, you can see a good child specialist in Bangalore.

Why Opt for Antenatal Appointments?

It's necessary to go for antenatal care during pregnancy even if you think that your pregnancy is going well. During antenatal visits, the healthcare team helps you and your baby to stay healthy. Possibilities of potential health risks can be identified and prevented or treated soon.

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During such visits, you can ask anything related to your pregnancy, baby, childbirth or care for your baby after birth. You can also discuss any problems you might be facing at home.

The healthcare professional can give you tips on your lifestyle like:

  • Helping to quit drinking alcohol or smoking
  • Advising on pregnancy diet or mental health

What Does Antenatal Care Involve?

The kind of antenatal care you receive during pregnancy depends on:

  • Your stage of pregnancy
  • Your health and any health risks associated with you or your baby
  • Any problems you're experiencing during pregnancy

Certain tests, scans, check-ups and discussions can be carried out, such as:

  • Knowing about your general health, medical history and how any earlier pregnancies were
  • Knowing the current trimester of your pregnancy, how to take care of yourself and your baby now and predicting when the baby is due
  • Organising screenings and blood tests
  • Making sure you're up to date with cervical screening
  • Knowing about any medications you're taking
  • Ensuring your mental health is fine and helping you with anxiety or depression
  • Testing your urine and checking your weight and blood pressure
  • Providing healthy dietary and lifestyle tips
  • Asking about your work and home environment and any family violence that you might be experiencing
  • Feeling and measuring your belly and listening to your baby's heartbeat
  • Going through your birth plan with you
  • Checking symptoms of any health condition that might be bothering you
  • Advising on antenatal classes and explaining how they can educate you on pregnancy and childcare

How Many Antenatal Visits Do You Need?

If you are pregnant for the first time now and are not going through any health problems, you may need about 8-10 appointments. The child specialist in Bangalore whom you see will usually provide you with an appointment plan at your first visit.

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If this is not your first pregnancy and your earlier pregnancies were devoid of any complications, you may need 7-9 antenatal visits.

The number of appointments can change (increase) based on whether your pregnancy shows complications. In that case, you may need to undergo more scans and tests. You may also decide to see the doctor yourself if you come up with any concerns.

When you visit a child specialist in Bangalore, you can ask your birth support partner, friend or family to accompany you to the appointment. That's because the person should know about your antenatal care during pregnancy if he/she wishes to support you during your pregnancy and childbirth.

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