There’s no doubt that kids can have a rough time at school. Whether it be that day’s science experiment or yesterday’s math homework; when your child comes in from school with their head hanging low and a frown on their face, you know it’s time to intervene. It’s not hard as a parent to sometimes feel defeated when your child struggles in school, however, there are so many ways you can get help, including adding a math learning centre into your child’s routine.

While doing research on finding the right math learning centre for your child may feel tedious, sending your child to the right one will increase success in and out of the classroom. Research can be done online through Google reviews and checking out different websites. Additionally, asking friends and family can be a great way to get honest and personalized recommendations. There’s no doubt that many of your child’s peers have visited a math tutor, so asking around help! Lastly, your child’s teacher can be a helpful resource to use as they are knowledgeable about qualified tutors in the area, and their recommendations can be tailored to your child’s learning style. To get started, here are some things to look for in a math learning centre: 

1. First and foremost, the vibe of the math learning centre is (and should be) an important factor in your decision to send your children to a centre. Does the centre feel inviting? Does it feel positive and friendly? Do your children fit in immediately? These are all questions you may want to address when visiting math learning centres and checking out options. 

2. Qualifications of the tutors are a great factor you want to consider when looking for a math learning centre. Do the tutors have previous experience? Do they have any qualifications that may enhance their tutoring abilities such as a degree? Are they teachers? While your child’s tutor doesn’t have to be the world's smartest and most qualified mathematician, they should have some form of previous experience and an understanding of your child’s math curriculum. 

3. Another thing to consider when looking at math learning centres is the flexibility and ease of getting to the centre. Take into consideration your family’s schedule, as well as their math needs and how often they’ll be visiting. Depending on the needs of your child, find a centre that is close to home and is accessible quickly. This allows math instruction to take place whenever works best for your child; whether that be in between soccer practices or maybe after dinner. Traveling to and from a math learning centre should also be considered in your budget. 

Adding a math learning centre into your child’s weekly routine is a great way to get them the help they need. From personalized lesson plans to one-on-one instruction, math tutoring can help your child succeed academically beyond just their math classes. It has a positive effect on their confidence in and out of the classroom, and for years to come!