Void fill packaging materials come in many shapes and sizes. Void fill packing is the material that goes into the shipping container to serve as cushioning or protection for products during shipping and handling.

Wholesale shipping supplies, such as void fill cushioning, are available from many packaging companies in Toronto. Choosing the correct void fill cushioning such as  inflatable packaging, is very important since wasteful or ineffective packaging can cause damages. Making the appropriate packaging choice can reduce waste and even enhance the look of your product

When to Use Void and Fill Cushioning

Wholesale shipping supplies should be chosen to suit the specific packaging needs. It is important to consider the array of variables that can impact your choice, such as the weight of your product, whether the product is breakable, or the edges or sides are vulnerable to damage, and whether there is excess space in the shipping container.

Void fill packaging materials are perfect for products that need extra support. Soft products that won’t break if dropped or knocked about, like linens, clothing, or some food items, would require little to no protective packaging. Speak to your wholesale shipping supplier to clarify a good strategy for your needs.

Picking the Right Products

Companies can choose the right void fill , depending on their needs and capabilities. There are various void fill options like packing paper, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, crinkle paper, foam or inserts.

Different products can provide different benefits to suit your specific shipping needs. Cushioning products protect items from being scratched or scuffed. Moldable products, like bubble wrap or Instapak® Quick RT foam, are excellent solutions for very fragile materials like glass that need to be wrapped sufficiently to ensure total safety. Paper is ideal for bracing items within a larger container, limiting shifting and movement.

Paper void fill creates a large volume of cushioning at a very low weight. Paper is cost-effective and can be easily stored in warehouses. There are also options for paper void fill automation with machines that are cost-effective, safe, and efficient. Automation can increase productivity and reduce strain or injury for employees.


Wholesale shipping supply companies  offer entire lines of products that work in harmony with one another. Some packaging companies in Toronto will provide free consultations, which can help identify your shipping needs and gaps.

Distinctive Solutions is a wholesale shipping supply and packaging company based in Toronto, specializing in packing strategies and optimization. We have several void fill options and inflatable packaging solutions, so call us today to see how we can meet your needs and improve your shipping efficiency.