Why use Electronic Cleaning Wipes Manufacturer's screen cleaning wipes
1. The screen cleaning wipes are really clean!
Have you ever seen a tablet after a preschooler turns on the tablet?

There are no words.

Although microfiber cloth is very suitable for absorbing dust from the surface, when removing dirt, oily fingerprints and "unknowns" on the screen, screen cleaning wipes are the best choice!

They are pre-moistened with mild soap, are safe for the skin and do not contain ammonia. This carefully formulated soap dissolves organic residues (a good term for greasy fingerprints) and effectively removes dust and grime from any screen or lens surface-it's more than simply dusting the screen.

Dust, dirt, smudges and oily residues? Delete instantly!


2. Disposable screen cleaning wipes will not damage the screen
To be fair, microfiber cloth is ruthless in capturing dust and dirt and holding it firmly in those small fibers. However, when it comes to screen care, this may actually be a bad thing.


Well, when you reuse the same microfiber cloth (you know that is a pleasant yellow), you will wipe your beloved screen over and over again and again, which is dusty and wears more and more serious Of cloth. It's kind of like miniature sandpaper working on the surface of your electronic device-oops.

Of course, you can wash the microfiber cloth with warm water and let it air dry, and then use it again (in all the free time you don't have) to solve this frustrating problem. With this in mind, we finally have the last important reason to give up microfiber cloth (if you haven’t put it in a drawer yet.

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