Clarivein Procedure is also known as ‘Mechanochemical Ablation’, is a method employed in managing venous insufficiencies, including varicose or spider veins, without the usage of laser heat. It is a catheter-based procedure that concurrently employs mechanical and chemical techniques to manage the infected area.

Vein Disease in Legs

The infusion catheter method is a functional agent with an uncommon rotating diffusion point that provides better, more efficient, 360-degree analysis of venous insufficiencies.

How Clarivein Treatment is executed?

People can expect a comfy stay at the center, without any deep invasive surgical procedure, carried out. Rather than utilizing warm to harm the veins, Clarivein for Spider Veins uses a small catheter to pass through inside the capillaries. A turning tube is positioned in the capillary. This damages the interior wall surfaces of the capillary, causing it to collapse. Medication is diffused onto the afflicted section to stop any infection. The medication also helps seal off the veins completely.

Is Clarivein Safe?

The Clarivein tool is safe and effective to ablate long and short saphenous varicose capillaries on a walk-in & walk-out basis. The Clarivein Procedure can be broadened to bilateral treatments and multiple blood vessels in the same leg, which is well tolerated. There is a high contentment rate, and periprocedural discomfort is reduced.

Care after Clarivein

There is no extensive downtime for the Clarivein Recovery. In most cases, we might suggest using a compression hose for several days during the recovery procedure. If the blood vessel is totally sealed, the vein that composes the spider veins will degrade because of the lack of nutrients supplied by the blood.

As a safety measure, he advises clients to avoid long periods of standing and to practice leg elevation when possible to avoid a reoccurrence of varicose veins. There are no food & work restrictions, which makes it convenient for individuals from all professions, specifically those with hectic routines that do not enable much downtime.

Clarivein Side Effects

The possible adverse effects of these therapies are:

  • Mild discomfort
  • Numbness over the upper legs and calves. These feelings are usually short-term and can be alleviated by medications.
  • In uncommon instances, individuals may develop some darkening & discoloration in the skin area dealt with. This darkening though fades away by properly treating with skin creams.

Results: Clarivein Before and After

If there is a history of prior swelling or phlebitis in the veins, then Clarivein might not be the optimal choice. Pain, anxiety, and wounding are considerably lowered with Clarivein before and after the treatment.

How much is Clarivein?

Specific therapy costs can differ subject to the severity of the veins as well as procedures employed. A precise quotation will be provided at the time of consultation by your vein treatment specialist. These procedures are not covered under Insurance and thus influence the cost.

For further information on Clarivein Procedure, reach out to Vein Treatment Clinic. We have a team of expert vascular surgeons delivering the finest treatments using a comprehensive approach to help clients get rid of venous diseases.

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