The changes in the late game of New World made the community dissatisfied, and they challenged game developers. Then Amazon accepted the challenge and released a video showing several developers, including game director Scot Lane, trying to overcome the more challenging endgame content in the game, and they may even need to buy New World Gold. From the beginning, the developers admitted that they were inadequate and were far less skilled than New World's most dedicated players.

Despite the lack of equipment, the developers fought a wonderful battle and fought in the area for about an hour. The video shows the views of four different developers, and even shows some tips for some developers who may not be at their best. These tips include important suggestions. Along the way, developers complained about terrible loot, called for help, and looked for New World Gold. In the end, despite their heroic efforts, they gave up.

While it’s good to see the creators of the game struggling with many of the same challenges players have to Buy New World Coins, it remains to be seen whether Amazon can solve many of the ongoing problems players have to endure, including the lack of endgame content. New World was also plagued by various New World Gold bugs and vulnerabilities after its large-scale release in September, although many of these problems were fixed relatively quickly.

New World recently welcomed its first seasonal event, the Winter Convergence Festival, and additional endgame changes. One of these changes is the new expertise system, which initially drew criticism from players. The feedback has led Amazon to further adjust the system to ensure that those who rely on carefully crafted equipment or equipment obtained from missions do not see the power of their characters drop. During the period from December 23rd to 31st, IGGM will hold a Christmas discount event, players can use code "XMAS" to get 7% OFF.