Windscreen cracks can be frustrating and dangerous because they are a distraction and can lead to accidents. Therefore, to avoid the dangers of a cracked windscreen, ensure you repair your windscreen as soon as the crack happens.


So, how can you stop a windscreen crack from getting worse?


  • Seal it up

You can seal the crack by applying super glue or clear nail polish. Before using the glue, first, clean your windscreen with glass cleaner and paper towels. Then apply super glue on the crack. Allow the glue to dry, then position a piece of transparent packing tape on the region to assist keep dust out until you can have the damage repaired.


  • Windscreen repair kit

Get yourself a DIY windscreen repair kit available in local auto shops. To use this, you must be okay drilling a tiny hole using a 1/16-inch drill into the top layer of your windscreen. Then, apply the DIY resin into the hole to seal the glass. It lowers the pressure on the windscreen and stops the damage from getting worse. This may be the only repair you need if you do the job well.


  • Avoid sudden temperature changes

Glass expands in hot temperatures and contracts in cold ones. If you leave your car in direct sunlight, the crack will expand. Therefore, park your car under the shade to avoid the crack from expanding.

Avoid drastic temperature changes. On cold days, defrost your car slowly, and on hot days turn on the air conditioner at a low level first.


  • Take it easy

You must be cautious on the highway, even if you are a very safe driver. Pay special attention when on the road and avoid potholes, speed bumps and slamming your brakes. The vibrations and jarring can cause the windscreen to crack.


  • Schedule a repair

Schedule a repair with your auto shop technician before the windscreen crack becomes bigger or the duct gets into it. If the crack has spread more than three inches, the glass will have to be replaced.


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