Some New World players who were dissatisfied with the MMO endgame challenged the developers of Amazon Game Studios, asking them to run Myrkgard treasure chests and portals themselves to show that they were indeed playing New World Gold.

As reported by GameSpot, after recent changes made high-level elite zones more difficult than before, New World players started this petition. They hope that Amazon Games Studios will conduct this event to show possible ways to accomplish this difficult task. To the community’s surprise, Amazon accepted their challenge and released a 55-minute "New World-Myrkgard Dev Run" with 10 developers, including game director Scot Lane.

In the beginning, the developers admitted that they were not as strong as some of the most dedicated players in New World, but they were ready to face the danger. When these developers tried to pass, some lively chaos ensues, they were unable to complete some difficult tasks and couldn't collect more New World Gold. They surrendered. After a decent battle and some playful jabs on some teammates who attracted too many enemies, they announced their withdrawal.

This move has achieved good results in the New World community, which shows that the Amazon Game Studios team is listening to the opinions of its players and is willing to do everything it can to make New World the best. This posture became more positive when they released a one-and-a-half-hour developer update video to solve other issues that were currently unresolved. Finally, IGGM is holding Christmas discounts, players who want to Buy New World Coins can use code "XMAS" to get 7% OFF.