New World's Winter Convergence Festival has started. This limited time event will last from December 16, 2021 to January 11, 2022. There are different dates and times to be noted. Playing the game during this period will bring players some New World Gold and stylish rewards, from flashy costumes to beautifully decorated weapons.

In addition to the items available for looting, there are many new tasks to help players increase their chances of earning New World Gold, as well as special events that will happen soon. With the appearance of Winter Wanderer and his cold minions, Aeternum's story now has a brand new chapter, including Grisly Ice Trolls and Han Frigid Folk, where they collectively create pranks. Fortunately, this holiday has a more relaxed side. Players can hug freely, allowing long-suffering island residents to catch a glimpse of happiness and cheers.

New World will provide a special 10-day gift to provide everyone with winter goodies. The first few days have passed, but there is still time to prepare yourself a fashionable holiday turban and a wreath house item to decorate the player's cushion. If the player misses the free item, don’t panic, as most of the holiday shops for other items will be open until January 10. These limited edition items will help players stand out from the crowd, with gorgeous feather costumes and selected holiday weapon skins.

The currency of Winter Convergence Festival is Winter Token. These can only be obtained through winter activities, such as retrieving lost gifts, harvesting Gleamite, or simply exchanging a bunch of winter tokens for a higher-value premium winter New World Gold. Please note that the reputation of the event will determine the items that players can and cannot Buy New World Coins in the store, so it is worth establishing it as soon as possible.