Given India’s condition for deplorable commutation and huge distances between the hospitals, it is not always possible for ambulance services to perform their task with aptness. Road ambulances can’t cover such lengthy geographical locations and air ambulances are way too expensive to avail.


The Emergency Train Ambulance  Service in Patna turns out to be the most efficient medium of relocating a patient to a destination far away from the spot of medical calamity. Each voyage is equipped with advanced remedial tools and a proficient crew of paramedics to accompany the patients throughout the journey. Our nursing remains on standby during the journey to keep a check over the health and vitality of the patients.

King Train Ambulance in Bangalore- Dedicated to Delivering Comfortable Commutation

The AC coaches of the train opted as the rail ambulance gets transformed into an ICU chamber resembling the ones of a full-fledged hospital ICU. Later several medical instruments are installed in the coaches concerning the medical condition of the patient. We ensure to keep patients stabilized until they get shifted to a hospital bed. Operating on the modus operandi of delivering caution and comfort to the patient, Train Ambulance Services in Bangalore stands out in the field of emergency relocation services.