New World can be said to be the most successful attempt by Amazon Game Studios in the gaming industry. Long before its release, New World attracted some interest from MMORPG fans and attracted quite a few players at the time of its release. Unfortunately, because of issues such as New World Gold duplication, the number of players in the game is declining. New World is still dealing with large-scale reporting issues. 

When it suddenly appears, many reports will severely distort New World’s PvP. When players discovered they could use New World’s automatic review to ban others, the system had been exploited. Amazon Game Studio is doing its best to fix New World, but when there is too many content to adjust, it is difficult for the studio to quickly cover everything. The large number of reported issues in New World should be a warning for other multiplayer games. 

Part of the reason New World’s large-scale coverage is so dangerous is that it is so easy to do. If more than a dozen New World players gather to report another player, New World’s system is likely to kick the reported player out immediately without reviewing their violations. Considering the importance of PvP and factions to New World, this makes large-scale coverage powerful. This has also become a means for some players to quickly Buy New World Coins

Many reports will have a serious impact on multiplayer competitive games like New World. For the victims of this approach, it is no fun to lose to rival factions because their leaders are unfairly banned, and any developer who highly emphasizes multiplayer games must find avoidance games for the same reason. The method of scale reporting. Despite New World’s flaws, Amazon’s game studio at least seems to be committed to repairing the game.