The Case For and Against New World Adding Mounts

Amazon Game Studios' work on New World made many interested in the MMO due to how unique it looks. It has been a month since New World's official launch, and while it sparked many debates and controversies thanks to glitches and the way they have been handled by Amazon, it remains one of the most played games on Steam. The fact it evolved from being an almost exclusively a PvP-oriented game into one that allows players to do whatever they please is good, and it features endgame PvE content as well as plenty of crafting.To get more news about buy new world coins, you can visit official website.

However, one of the sore spots in New World is still traveling between places, largely because of two reasons. The first is that traveling distances are often immense, to the point that players will have to walk for over five minutes to reach quest locations. Even that is a very generous estimate considering it may as well take up to ten minutes or more. The second is that the alternative is not always feasible, as fast travel has a cost in the form of Azoth; a rare, capped currency that scales up based on the distance players intend to travel, their character's weight, and if the destination is a territory governed by friendly or enemy factions. Some have posited mounts would make a good solution to this problem, but these could be a blessing or curse.
Many players have been vocal about New World adding mounts to allow for faster travel times, as well as even more customization options due to potential skins in the store. Having a mount would let players save up Azoth for crafting sessions or respeccing their character, both of which happen relatively often in the endgame when adapting one's build to content or crafting useful gear. Fast travel would remain desirable for longer distances or for quicker traveling times, and mounts would mostly replace walking for ordinary travels.

Seeing how players have a stamina bar that depletes when blocking or dodge rolling, mounts could be made less impactful by adding the same mechanic. New World mounts could have an inherently larger stamina bar that slowly depletes when running at full speed or traversing difficult terrain, and enemies damaging the players while mounted could make the creature lose more stamina. Otherwise, there could be a mechanic that prevents players from just leaving their mounts in the wilds wherever it is convenient, such as stables scattered throughout the world where players can safely leave their companions.

On the other hand, developers have already said mounts are not lore-friendly because all the creatures on the island are keen to live independently from men, and might resort to violence if approached. It is true that many animals and beasts which would make for good mounts are rather aggressive in New World, and it might be hard to imagine a buffalo being domesticated into a riding companion. Then, the game is also purposefully big and distances are vast to make the feeling of exploring an uncharted land more real to a degree.

Another counterargument might be that balancing mounts in Faction Wars could prove to be a difficult task for Amazon Game Studios. It could also increase latency, or possibly make it even hard to hit anyone due to allies body-blocking players. Ultimately, the debate remains, but unless New World changes Azoth traveling fees and increases its cap, traveling from town to town will still be perceived as a chore.