Today tomorrow's goal is unclear, we often continue to go to the end and fail to complete key aspects of the journey, and today you know the goal, life purpose and action.

 But you  haven’t started yet.

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The National Defense Academy Exam is the dream of many, but only a few have the ability to pass it. To help you understand the process and work we,

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Join a coaching academy that will help you  gain knowledge and boost your confidence.

GYAN SAGAR INSTITUTE is the best training institute for NDA exam in Chandigarh.


 You must have a good understanding of the exam pattern and program.


 * NDA preparation tips *

 GSI can provide students with tips and tactics to help them prepare for their next NDA exam.

 We have compiled a set of helpful tips for students considering taking the NDA . exam


 * Test Schedule for NDA *

 Before planning and taking the NDA tests, familiarize yourself with the exam pattern and schedule.

The NDA paper has two parts. The first stage is math, consisting of 120 questions worth 300 points. Stage 2 is the General Aptitude Test (GAT), consisting of 150 questions for 600 points. A candidate for a seat must score 900 out of 1,800 points.


Preparation time

 The best time to start studying for the NDA  is in grade 12 or after the standard 12th grade. Candidates should spend enough time preparing for the field and be consistent in their efforts. If your efforts are not enough to pass the NDA exam, find the best NDA coaching center to help you make your wishes come true. Students can also visit the NDA Training Center in Chandigarh to prepare for their lessons.


Review last  year's exam papers

 It is essential to prepare properly to pass the NDA exam. If you can solve the problems of the previous year, you will have a better understanding of the test format and increase  your ability to solve problems quickly.



 As strange as it may sound, adequate review is the single most important step in passing an exam. Most advisors encourage applicants to complete due diligence, as this is essential for passing the NDA exam. Regular applicants are  encouraged to take brief notes on each topic  to speed up their learning.


 Best NDA Coaching in Chandigarh

 For a long time, Gyan Sagar Institute has been providing excellent NDA training in Chandigarh. For the past ten years, the Gyan Sagar Institute has been preparing students for competitive  exams in the field of defense. Each year we achieve the best results, with over 70% of our students qualifying for a career in the military.


 * Facilities provided by Gyan sagar *

 ~ Personal attention provided.

 ~small batches.

~ Organize weekly Q&A sessions. 

~ Hold weekly simulation sessions to assess student learning outcomes.

~ The most comprehensive research paper on NDA training.

~ Provide a friendly and healthy environment for students. 

~ Mock tests are discussed under the guidance and supervision of subject experts.