The back pain can have several causes according to Best Pain Management Doctors like poor posture, physical and psychological stress or overweight

Symptoms of back pain

Chronic Muscle Pain usually occurs in the lower back (low back pain), between the edges of the costal arch and the limits of the gluteal muscles. In addition to the strictly orthopedic related disorders (herniated disc, lumbar arthrosis, scoliosis or lordosis, osteoporosis), problems related to back pain affecting the urogenital system, neurological and intra-abdominal affections can occur.


Chronic Pain Syndrome is rarer, and occurs in acute form along the costal arches, reaching the sternum and also causing breathing difficulties

The neck pain is manifested by a very sharp pain in the cervical area that often radiates to the arms and shoulders depend on colds or bad posture, but also by excessive stress. It can also be accompanied by headache, nausea, dizziness, tinnitus, agitation, mental confusion. Also, at the level of the nape, the stiff neck can occur, the sudden pain of which, due to sudden movements, incorrect posture, or cold strokes, prevents the head from turning to the right and left.


The back pain is often the result of multiple causes, sometimes joined to one another, can be caused by a poor posture held for an extended time, by excessive muscle tension due to stress psychophysical or often a problem due to the consequences of being overweight and sedentary lifestyle.

Pain Treatment Centers of America told that other effects are attributable to cold, humidity, muscle tears, excessive efforts. To generate lumbar back pain, there is then the degeneration and escape of the intervertebral disc, which functions as a natural shock absorber and prevents the vertebrae from entering each other in friction.


The diagnosis of back pain is certainly done by Best Pain Management Doctors Near Me and requires an accurate medical examination, which can be supported by instrumental examinations (radiography, magnetic resonance imaging, and CT).

The Back Pain Doctor Near Me will then be able to indicate the most suitable therapeutic path: physical therapies (such as lasers, tecars, ultrasounds, etc.), individual motor rehabilitation therapy, therapeutic massages, vertebral manipulation, manual therapies with vertebral mobilizations, infiltrative therapies, c bears of medical gymnastics.


Nutrition in case of back pain

Back pain is generally a problem with very different osteoarticular causes.

A natural diet can support the Chronic Pain Treatment process. Whole grains, legumes, white meat, fish, oilseeds, vegetables, and seasonal fruit are preferable in favor of unnatural foods such as packaged foods, sugary drinks, and everything that contains additives.

Herbal remedies for back pain

Arnica: ( Arnica montana ) is the oily extract obtained by macerating flowers in vegetable oil. The arnica oil is used, for outdoor use, in trauma bruises, muscle strain, pain in the back due to stretching.

Bach flowers for back pain

The back does not hurt only for physical factors that affect the osteoarticular system, but also for emotional imbalances and character attitudes that lead to excessive rigidity. This disturbance can occur more easily in a period characterized by too many commitments to manage. Accumulated stress can then occur that it completely discharges onto the back, leading to muscle aches and contractures.

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