A lint trap vent and dryer vent need to be cleaned regularly if you want to keep your home safe and ensure your dryer runs at its maximum efficiency. A clogged dryer vent not only can start a fire but also affect the performance of the dryer. A dryer fire is the biggest risk of not cleaning your dryer vents regularly. That’s why experts recommend hiring professionals for dryer vent cleaning in Sacramento once a year. However, you may want to have it cleaned every 6 months or even a few more in a year if you have a large family and dry your clothes more than 2 days a week. However, when it comes to the lint trap vent, it needs to be cleaned after every laundry.

The dryer vent tends to get clogged with lint and other debris build-ups over time. This clog needs to be removed as it prevents the moisture and trapped air to escape. As a result, your clothes will remain hot and moist even after coming out of the dryer. To keep the dryer working efficiently and effectively, regular dryer vent cleaning is essential. Dryer vent and chimney inspection and repair services should never be overlooked as they can compromise the safety of your home. 

Top signs that indicate you need to call dryer vent cleaning experts :

  • Your clothes take much longer to dry than usual 

  • It has been so long since you had your dryer vent inspected.

  • A strange burning odor is emanating from your clothes

  • Extreme heat in your laundry room while the dryer is operating.

  • Your clothes are hot and moist after coming out of the dryer.

  • The vent hood flap has a problem with the opening.

  • Debris is accumulated around the dryer hose.

Whether it is dryer vent cleaning or chimney cleaning in Sacramento, these need to be performed by certified professionals as they are skilled in identifying potential problems with your dryer vent, chimney, or fireplace. 

Cleaning your dryer vent is vital at least once a year. However, this also depends on family size, how many pets you have, and what types of clothes you wash most often.

Your laundry mainly includes stout clothes:

If your laundry mainly has stout clothes, the lint build-up is faster. So, in this case, you will need to have your dryer vent cleaned so many times a year. 

Family size:

A large family will need to wash clothes a few times a week as it will have large quantities of clothes. In some large families, people wash clothes every day. The more often dryer will get used, the more lint it will accumulate. That’s a reason it needs cleaning a few more times than just per year. 

You have pets:

Having pets in the home make your dryer vent susceptible to catching dirt and lint faster than no pets. 

How can a dryer vent initiate fire?

A blocked and clogged dryer vent can be a hazard for the family. It can lead to a dryer vent fire. Lint is a highly flammable substance. If it comes in contact with heater air, it can start to smolder and cause a fire. When a dryer is running, the heat travels into the dryer vent or into an area where lint is accumulated in excessive amounts. That results in dryer fires. Fireplace fires are caused by creosote build-up. Lack of maintenance, cleaning, and timely fireplace repair in Sacramento is important for preventing these house fires.