We all love monsoons as it brings a pleasant and warm environment. However, we know monsoons can be tricky because the rains damaged houses, especially if you have solid timber furniture and flooring. Though woodwork enhances the interiors of a home, it can quickly absorb moisture and get damaged easily.

How To Care For Your Solid Timber Furniture During The Monsoon?
Timber furniture is likely to water damage; therefore, you need to care for your timber furniture pieces during the monsoon properly. Timber furniture is so expensive that you wouldn’t get them damaged by the seasonal rains. So here are some hacks to protect them.

Keep Your Timber Furniture Away From The Walls
Even if there are no visible signs of a leak, damp walls can damage wooden furniture. Keep wooden furniture pieces like cabinets, leather chairs, bookshelves, beds, chests and so on away from the walls and some distance between them all. It would be best to do this, especially in bedrooms and living rooms.

Go For Diy Water Absorbent Solutions
Here's another exciting tip: You can use oil to protect your wooden furnishings! The best way to do this is by dabbing three-six oil drops onto tissue paper and placing it on a corner of your furniture or inside it. Oil can also ward off termites during the rainy season and keep furniture looking new, extending its life.

Protect Your Timber Furniture By Oiling Them
During the monsoon, your wooden furniture may swell by absorbing moisture. This happens mostly in your wooden furniture doors and drawers. The best way to fight this is by oiling your furniture or using spray-on wax to protect your wooden furnishings from absorbing moisture and bulking up.

Apply Lacquer Finish Coats On Your Timber Furniture
Each year or just ahead of monsoon season, it is necessary to coat wooden furniture with lacquer to fill the minute pores and protect them from moisture. This step can help increase the shelf-life span of your living room furniture, bedroom furniture and dining room table.

How To Dry Timber Furniture After Rain Damage?
As we have mentioned above about how to protect your timber furniture from the monsoon, here are some tips for drying timber furniture after rain damage, in case you are a bit late to take the necessary precautions for your furniture.
Wipe water spillages on your furniture with a dry cloth. You have to wear a glove while wiping the water from the furniture to avoid stains.
Vacuum your furniture for rain debris that may remain hidden in the corners.
Keep your water-damaged cupboards and drawers open.
Keep your water-damaged timber furniture pieces outdoors for some fresh air and to get dry.
If your timber furniture has upholstery, keep them out in the open to dry or scatter some baking soda to remove odors.

There are many simple and easy DIY hacks; don't forget those you love so much. When a bit of rain comes your way, it can leave all sorts of messes on your precious wooden furniture. Ensure to keep them away from the rain and give them a regular cleaning routine to dry out properly and avoid incurring heavy water damage. If things do go wrong, though, it may be a good idea to check with professional services before attempting repairs yourself; let's, after all, keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best! Remember to treat your favorite pieces well and enjoy safe, happy rainy days!

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