If you want to treat your knee injury or joint pain, traditional surgery would only delay your healing process and might not be as effective. The new PRP treatment is emerging as an easy alternative that will speed up your healing process and maybe restore it to its original condition. Let’s understand in detail everything about the platelet rich plasma treatment in Delray Beach. 

What Is PRP?

PRP treatment uses plasma of the patient’s blood for regenerating and healing soft tissues in his/her body. In this process, a sample of the patient’s blood containing plasma is drawn and placed into a centrifuge machine. The machine separates the plasma cells, which contain the growth factor, from the red blood cells.

After that, platelet-rich plasma is injected into the treatment area. Once injected, the platelets start breaking down and releasing their growth compounds. In this way, the natural healing process of the body is triggered, and it results in faster tissue rebuilding.

What Can PRP Treatment Be Used For?

PRP treatment can be used for a variety of ailments. On the one hand, it is very effective in treating ACL and MCL injuries like knee pain, joint injuries, arthritis pain, spine injuries, pelvic pain, etc., and on the other, it is used as a cosmetic treatment. It is often used to enhance the youthfulness of the skin, eliminate the lines and wrinkles and, in the process, delay the skin aging process. The results can last up to two years.

Benefits Of PRP:

  • PRP treatment is simple and barely invasive. Based on the treatment area of the body, the treatment takes about a maximum of 30 minutes in most cases.
  • It is effective in relieving patients from osteoarthritis and joint-related pains and injuries. It enhances tissue rebuilding and sometimes even regenerates the hyaluronic acid that lubricates the joints and, in turn, totally reverses the joint damage.
  • Due to the regenerative properties of the platelets, PRP is also used for hair therapy. It boosts hair repair and generates new tissues around the hair bulb, thus resulting in faster and better hair growth.
  • PRP, when used as a cosmetic treatment, reduces the wrinkles and fine lines on the skin and rejuvenates its elasticity. It is often used under the eyes and in the hands and neck.


PRP is rapidly growing for treating several medical conditions and more so because it involves minimal risks. If you are going through any such condition, contact the top therapy companies that do platelet rich plasma in Delray Beach.