Cleaning kitchen knives is a much more important aspect than it may seem at first. Many of our customers have this question when they buy high-quality kitchen knives in our Ganiveteria Roca store. That is why today in our blog we want to give you some basic tips on how to clean kitchen knives. With these tricks, we ensure a long useful life for the knives and also that they are always ready for use.

But before we start with the tips, there are two "basic unwritten laws" that you should be very aware of. The first is that no kitchen knife manufacturer advises cleaning knives in the dishwasher. Why? Because this action maintained over time would wear the cutting piece prematurely, because it would lose the shine of the blade and because the part of the handle would suffer great wear. And second, kitchen knives shouldn't be kept in the sink for too long. And this why? Because this would affect the safety of the cook since he could cut himself when scrubbing other utensils and because the humidity affects the quality of the knives. But let's see all this in more depth

Essential tips for cleaning kitchen knives

  • Clean kitchen knives with a splash of water just after each use.

If we want our kitchen knife to last longer and maintain its properties, place the knife under the tap so that the stream of waterfalls directly after use. Then dry the knife with a clean cloth and leave it away from the sink to later clean it thoroughly. With this, what we do is prevent the remains from sticking to the knife and then it costs us more to clean it, having to rub harder. So you know, after cutting fish, meat, vegetables, etc. Run the kitchen knife under the stream of water and dry it with a cloth.

Like all life: with warm soapy water

  • The best way to clean kitchen knives is with warm water and a little soap.

It is the traditional method and also the most effective. As we will have already cleaned the remains of food from the knife, now it will only be enough to rub it gently to make it very clean. As we explained before, with these small details we make sure to extend the useful life of kitchen knives.

After cleaning the knife, dry it quickly to avoid moisture.

It is important to never leave the kitchen knife wet and wait for it to air dry. It is one of the most important tips. The knives cannot stay wet for long as this will damage their characteristics. There are even certain waters that can leave stains on the edge of knives. The best thing to avoid problems is to dry it with a cloth before putting it away.