Story Highlights

As mentioned, one of the features of the story is that it is mortal. But there may be times when it is necessary to save the story permanently in a part of the page. For example, consider a product sales page that wants to announce order registration conditions to customers. In this case, the conditions can not be announced in the form of a post. Therefore, the conditions for registering the order can be announced in the form of a story, then the story is highlighted.

This method can also be used for ads on Instagram. In this way, you can ask the influencer or the specialized page in which you advertised to save your ads in their highlights for a while, and this method is one of the best methods for influencer ads in Is Instagram

Highlights, which are marked as favorites on devices whose Instagram language is Persian, have a row at the top of the posts.

Other features of highlighting include saving links so that when you put a link inside your Instagram story, if you highlight that story, the link will remain on it.

For more information on the subject, you can refer to the instruction of linking on Instagram

It is better to have a small number of highlights and put the important points of the page in the initial highlights, so that customers do not need to spend a lot of time to find their content.


Story Highlights in instagram