Sneak peek at the story

Sometimes, for whatever reason, you do not want the account holder to notice that you have seen his or her story. We understand your need, so we found a few tricks and tried them. Join us to teach you the secret tricks of seeing Instagram stories.

    You see other users' stories before and after your story. Hold your finger on the next or previous user's story and point to the story so that it does not take up the entire page. Look at the so-called photo in half.

Of course, with this Instagram trick, you can only see photos, and this method is not useful for viewing videos in the story. Also, the risk of the story owner realizing it is high.
Sneak peek at the story
Half see the story

Do not be upset and open your frowns! We also have a better way of seeing stories. So join us.

    Another Instagram trick to hiding a story is to block the account, view the story, and then follow it again. Of course, if this account is private, you will have to reapply to follow it!
    The best way is to use a secret program to see the Instagram story. Through a free program such as; StorySaver Look at stories safely without the page owner noticing.
    Airplane mode can help you here. Go to Instagram and wait a few moments for the stories to load. Now turn on airplane mode and look at the story you want. After that, log out of Instagram and disable airplane mode.

By doing these few examples of Instagram tricks, easily to your heart's content; It means to secretly see the Instagram story.
Download story

Would you like to download some of the photos and videos you see in the story of different pages? Certainly your answer is yes.

You can easily copy the name of the page in question on the website and download any of the stories of the same day as well as the highlighted stories.

Keep this in mind; Private page stories can not be viewed or downloaded.



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